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Server Rollback (02-08-2020), The Server is Rollback due the latest Database is gone, so your latest score and other is totally gone, we can't recover them, also the account who created after 02-08-2020 is totally gone too, you must create the account again.

Beatmap Rules (English)


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Why is my requested map isn’t ranked yet while it already meets the qualification for the Ranking Criteria?
  • A: Maybe your requested map is not detected by system, you can request again via our Discord. Please use this format : [REQ](osu-beatmap-link)(mode) Only for Donors.

  • Q: Why can’t i submit Beatmap Rank Request?
  • A: It might happen when : it’s a fresh beatmap, wrong link, or the beatmap takeover system from osu! database is not yet updated.

  • Q: How much time is needed for my requested beatmap to be ranked?
  • A: Depends on the Beatmap Nominator Team, BN’s needs time to review and sort out Beatmaps before it can be ranked.

  • Q: How much can i request right now?
  • A: For now you can ony request 4 (might change anytime).


Before requesting, make sure the unranked mapset you’re requesting is :

  • In Graveyard, 1 month or more to avoid beatmap update (abandoned map).



  1. The map must be playable and still follows the Bancho Ranking Criteria. If not, it should be going to Loved.
  2. Easily Abuseable Longstream map will go to Loved. (It happens because many Relax player uses DT to gain PP)
  3. Overlapping objects, 2B maps, Storyboard based maps (Map that needs storyboard to be played) will go to Loved.
  4. Near impossible map (Galaxy Collapse, .etc) that can be finised by a player will be ranked.
  5. Marathon map that is more than 40 minutes in length (or if it touch the limit for STD score) will go to Loved. (examples: Songs Compilation nya Nevo, Length 54 minutes)
  6. Abusive PP Maps (Map that only has 1-2 pattern, high BPM stacking longstream (relax)) might go to Loved.

All maps will possibly go Ranked except there are some that match the criteria above.

Catch The Beat


  1. PLAYABLE, this one is a must. By playable is that it can be at least be played by a casual player (player with the average skill that doesn’t really care about PP)
  2. Less Unecessary Overstream note, as said it will take some times to check this criteria (possibly will be ranked)
  3. Unique & Variative patterns that are not too monotone can still have a chance to be ranked
  4. METADATA like OD AR HP can be considerable for ranking purposes


  1. Unique Patterns is a big plus
  2. Playable Monotone and interesting patterns
  3. METADATA doesn’t really matter here as long as it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay


  • More and less can be considerated (SR also a consideration material)
  • Unplayable will absolutely be denied except someone can pass it (going to LOVED category)
  • Training map pack will going to LOVED category same as osu!mania Rules
  • Because of this, RC are more flexible than official osu has, chart with Length under 5 minutes even if it has less than 2 difficulty that have the ranked criteria will be approved with the consideration written above
  • Old pattern (ex. Deif’s maps before 2014) can still be considerated for ranked



  1. Playable is a must, if its not playable, then it will be Pending or Loved
  2. Less 14+16 and 16+18 pattern, take that as consideration before submitting a request if you want it to be ranked, but it still can be Loved
  3. Longstream is fine, but stable. if its 14 or 16 stable longstream then maybe no problem. 14+16 can still be approved if the 16 pattern position is on the end of the stream. For 16 in the middle of the stream and continued by 14 stream then it might be going to Pending/Loved
  4. Endurance map, if the map has longstream without any break time and the length is more than 2 minutes and/or stamina map with high BPM might also go to Pending/Loved. For Stamina map, if the BPM is under 250 then it can still be considerated
  5. Mapset with SpeedRate Difficulty, Mapset with many Diff Rates is preferred to go loved
  6. Doublet spam, definitely Loved
  7. Pattern with random slider appear or Pattern inside the slider, this also goes to loved, sometimes the pattern on the slider can’t be clicked
  8. Spinner Spamming, if this is too much and can decrease the gauge significantly, of course its going to Loved
  9. Invisible Pattern, this kind of pattern usuallyy needs storyboard, and it’s Aspire type maps, of course, Loved
  10. Metadata, this one is also considerable material for ranking purposes



  1. Vibro = NO
  2. Playable Pattern, what it means is it has to be playable, the pattern can be played by a player and it fits the Official RC.
  3. Map Pack (Endurance, Dan, Course) = Loved, as said on the title, training pack is a bunch of maps that made for training purpose and not for casual playing
  4. For 7K beatmaps that have SR>5, the minimum requirement is HP 7 and OD 7.

Notes: How good or not the map is, its subjective, i’m here as a mapper aswell and i still can’t find maps with good patterns (yet), so please understand. Playable pattern is also the same, even a map with SR 7 can be considered playable for some player, and not for the others. except VIBRO -Reyna


  1. For Beatmaps that has rate up/speed up, it won’t be ranked because the pattern is the same with the original.
  2. For maps that have SR >9 will be Pending or Loved. thats a different case for 7K. For 7k, for now SR>15 will be Pending or Loved
  3. For 7K LN beatmaps that have SR>6, the minimum requirement is HP 6.5 and OD 0. Also if the Map has SR>12 with DT/NC Mods specifically for “Easy” Beatmaps, then it can’t be ranked (By “Easy” is that it abuses the SR system with spammable pattern to get high SR)

Notes: LN rules might change anytime because we’re still experimenting