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Installing the certificate and Hosts manually

If you’re having troubles connecting to Datenshi or the switcher doesn’t install the certificate properly, you can try installing it manually.


  • First, download the certificate by clicking here
  • Then, open cert.cer
  • Click Install certificate…
  • Click Next
  • Select Place all certificates in the following store (second option), then click Browse…
  • A new window will pop up, select Trusted root certification authorities and click Ok
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish

If everything else fails…

…you can try to remove all existing Datenshi certificates and install the certificate again. Follow these steps:

  • Press Win+R
  • Type mmc certmgr.msc in the run box and press enter to open the Certificate Manager
  • Select Trusted root certification authorities on the left
  • Select Certificates on the right
  • You should see some * entries in the list. Select them, right click and click on Delete
  • Select all the positive options (Ok/Yes etc)
  • Restart the switcher, click on Inspect, then choose Install certificate, then Yes
    If the inspect dialog is fine but you still can’t connect to Datenshi from the game client, try running osu! as administrator.

Installing Certificate Manually with Image

…if you still dont understand, you can view this for tutorial installing certificate

You need download the certificates first

Then open or right click and Install Certificates



Click on the Local Machine and press next


Click Browse first, find Trusted Root Certification Authorities and then click OK > Next






Installing Hosts Manually with Image

…This is the best tutorial i made for you if you can’t read LOL just kidding.

You need download the Hosts file first or Copy-paste


Then open Notepad as administrator


Find your hosts file in C:Windows/system32/drivers/etc


Add the text you copy before to this hosts like this


and then Save try to log-in in to the game!

..Enjoy and happy farming!