Server Rollback (02-08-2020), The Server is Rollback due the latest Database is gone, so your latest score and other is totally gone, we can't recover them, also the account who created after 02-08-2020 is totally gone too, you must create the account again.
kalo ngerasa curiga ama game play w, kasih tau w biar w bkin liveplaynya nnti.
jangan jadi pengecut yg suka report" gajelas.

[Lux] Kooky






Kooky is a Datenshi Player from Indonesia.
They signed up on Datenshi .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Keyboard.

Verified Tenshi
Global rank #12
Country rank   #8
PP 28,543
Ranked score 368,637,930
Total score 934,188,421
Playcount 1,995
Maximum Combo 7,182
Followers 9
Replays watched 18
Total hits 472,412
Accuracy 98.10%
Level 52